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Our digital wellbeing and therapeutics solutions combine the latest clinical research and breakthrough technologies to deliver mental health support that is accessible, personalized and effective across a range of conditions.

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Our Solutions

For businesses

Practical wellbeing tools for teams, created by mental health experts.

For healthcare providers

Personalized mental health support patients can access on-demand.

For insurers

Quality care solutions for members that are accessible and economical.

Our products

Accessible care for all

  • Foundations


    Foundations, (formerly Evermind), ensures employees have access to practical, evidence-based wellbeing tools developed by mental health experts to help them handle stress and build resilience.

    Foundations is a wellness device and has not been reviewed or cleared by the FDA.

  • Mindset


    Mindset complements in-person treatment by providing educational content and exercises to help individuals better understand and live well with their depression.

    Mindset is a wellness device and has not been cleared or reviewed by the FDA.

  • Perspectives


    Perspectives is being developed to provide guided cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) via app to patients across a range of disorders. At present, Perspectives is undergoing a pivotal clinical trial for FDA clearance as a digital therapeutic for Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

    A work in progress, Perspectives is not in commercial distribution in the US.

  • Foresight


    Foresight is being developed to leverage AI to protect at-risk patients by predicting potential mental health emergencies before they occur and helping provider teams address them early.

    A work in progress, Foresight is not in commercial distribution in the US.

About Koa Health

Solutions for health, grounded in science

We create digital tools and resources for mental health that encompass prevention, prediction and treatment. Health evolves. Care should, too.

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Grounded in science

Products that incorporate cutting-edge research in AI, mental health and behavioral sciences.


Exceptional care, developed by mental health experts, using clinically validated techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy.

Flexible and personal

Digital support delivered via smartphone that adapts to people’s unique needs and circumstances.

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