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Eliminate the need for multiple vendors by covering lifestyle, prevention and therapy within one unified, clinically-validated platform. Koa Care 360 by Koa Health delivers personalized individual mental health support that maximizes impact across your population.

Mental healthcare that's more than just therapy

Our approach

Maximum clinical coverage

Our unified platform delivers evidence-based mental health care spanning from self-care and prevention to teletherapy and clinical treatment.

Comprehensive data and analytics

Our unified platform turns data and analytics into population-level insights to help your business drive positive outcomes and reduce risk.

A personalized approach

Our mental health care pathways are unique to each individual, recommending the most appropriate mix of technology and human touch for their needs.

The challenge

6 in 10 report at least one mental health challenge

Yet the majority won’t seek out professional care, citing a preference for self-help or lack of confidence in treatment. 

And while organizations have increased their mental health benefits investments, 68% of workers say they don’t use them to their full value because they’re too time-consuming, confusing, or cumbersome. 

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Personalized care pathways designed by mental health experts

Koa Care 360 Personal plan - Digital Mental Health Support

Evidence-based self-care and prevention available 24/7

Koa Care 360 Talk To Someone Screens - What to expect in Teletherapy

Clinical treatment and teletherapy for people who want or need it

Anxiety Treatment (Children)
Anxiety Treatment (Children)

Make it easier for healthcare providers and families to work together to help children overcome anxiety problems with online therapist-supported, parent-led Cognitive Behavior Therapy (OSI) developed by leading experts at the Universities of Reading and Oxford.

OSI has not been reviewed by the FDA

Smiling woman uses phone to access iCT-SAD
Social Anxiety Treatment (Adults)
Social Anxiety Treatment (Adults)

Make it easier for patients and therapists to work towards recovery from Social Anxiety Disorder together with Internet-delivered Cognitive Therapy developed by leading experts at Oxford University.

iCT-SAD has not been reviewed by the FDA