Koa Care 360

Koa Care 360

With a prevention-first approach to personalized, precision care, Koa Care 360 has something for everyone, lowering barriers to entry with easy navigation to human and digital support across the full continuum of mental health.

Mental healthcare for every employee

Our approach

Effortless care navigation

Our expert-designed pathways make it simple for your staff to navigate to the right support at the right time

Personalized, precision care

Empower employees with comprehensive mental health services, from digital self-care to clinical support for a range of conditions and severity levels

An inclusive mental healthcare model

Resources available in seven languages for members and dependents (18+) in all 50 states, the UK, and additional countries and languages upon request

The challenge

6 in 10 report at least one mental health challenge

Yet the majority won’t seek out professional care, citing a preference for self-help or lack of confidence in treatment. 

And while organizations have increased their mental health benefits investments, 68% of workers say they don’t use them to their full value because they’re too time-consuming, confusing, or cumbersome. 

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Simple, straightforward navigation to the right care at the right time

24/7 access to clinically-validated digital mental health support

Clinical services for people who want or need 1:1 mental healthcare


Koa Health's top-ranked digital self-care option, delivering a rich library of exclusive evidence-based tools and interventions designed by leading experts to drive positive mental health outcomes and long-lasting behavior change.

Koa Foundations is a wellness device.